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News 08/07/2020

Keuntungan Tinggal di Jakarta Selatan

Indonesians must be very familiar with the existence of Jakarta. As the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta is known as the largest and most comprehensive metropolitan city because it consists of five administrative cities. Each part of the city has its own characteristics. One of the most famous administrative cities in Jakarta is South Jakarta which is famous for its modern lifestyle and can be said to be the favorite city to live in in the Jakarta area. The following are some of the benefits that you can get if you live in South Jakarta:

  1. Smooth and easy transportation access

The South Jakarta area has a long commuter line: there are at least eight KRL stations around South Jakarta. In addition, other modes of transportation such as the MRT and TransJakarta busways are also available at each point of the city. The road infrastructure in South Jakarta is well-built and neat and is directly connected to other buffer city areas, especially the Sudirman business center, which is the border between South Jakarta and Central Jakarta. Here, you can travel easily and quickly so that mobility increases and you can be even more productive.

  1. Neat, clean city order

South Jakarta is one of the cleanest and greenest regions in the capital city of Jakarta as a whole. In addition, South Jakarta is also a neat area because of its good settlement arrangement. Road infrastructure is also very well built. If you live in South Jakarta, you may very rarely find any damaged roads there. South Jakarta is suitable for those of you who like a relaxing urban life at the same time.

  1. A complete and prestigious area

It cannot be denied that South Jakarta is indeed famous for its luxury and high quality of life. Equipped with various luxurious city facilities such as malls, hotels and elite housing estates, South Jakarta has been a prestigious residential area for a long time. You also don’t need to doubt the completeness of the city’s facilities because everything is available from business centers, well-known schools and campuses, to the most popular hangout spots in Jakarta.

In accordance with South Jakarta standards, the settlements built there also reflect the same great quality. One of them is SouthCity as a 57 hectare superblock area connected to three cities at once, especially to South Jakarta. Only 20 minutes from Pondok Indah Mall, SouthCity is an elite residential area that offers comfortable living and aims to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants. SouthCity is equipped with all the needs of modern society such as The Parc, South Jakarta apartments with the coliving concept, SouthCity Square as a hangout area and culinary center, Fortunia Residences as beautiful housing for families, and other big projects that will be here for you. If you want to live in South Jakarta, SouthCity is the best residential area because it offers the luxury and completeness of Jakarta with a beautiful and green atmosphere and a location that is close to anywhere.

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