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News 19/06/2020

Tips for Choosing the First Home for New Couples

Newly married couples are generally interested in having their own place of residence as soon as possible. Private homes and residences are very important for those who have dreams of building a family. However, in choosing the first house, there are several important aspects that must be considered. Check out the following tips that can help you determine the first home for your small family:

  1. Choose a house with a strategic location

The strategic location of the house can help facilitate a family life and benefit you. The strategic meaning here relates to the location of important facilities such as hospitals, schools, public transportation facilities such as busways, office buildings, shopping and entertainment centers. Imagine if your house was in an area surrounded by the best facilities: you can enjoy all the best services for life and saving money on transportation.

  1. Choose a home in a safe and comfortable environment

You should focus on choosing a house that is in a comfortable and safe environment. Choose a location that is safe from harmful disasters such as flooding. In addition, you also have to pay attention to the security and protection system from possible criminal acts. Besides being safe, it would be better for you to choose a house located in a beautiful and harmonious family-friendly area.

  1. Choose a house with the right design

Your home design can determine the comfort and value of your life. As a young couple, make sure that you build a family in a high quality, well-built house. Besides being able to increase the sense of comfort at home, the right design also makes your life more practical because you don’t need to spend time and energy on renovations and so on. The first house you buy after your marriage may later become the family home for generations over the years. Therefore, you have to make sure that the house is built on good and proper foundation.

Choosing the ideal first house to build a family is not easy. With a few smart tips above, young couples can determine the proper and suitable home to start their small family. SouthCity, as one of the best property developers in Indonesia, offers all the comfort and warmth for a family at Fortunia Residences. SouthCity builds the best living environment with a family’s needs in mind. We want you to start and raise a happy and harmonious family.

Fortunia Residences is strategically located close to the city center in South Jakarta and the best educational institutions such as the University of Indonesia (UI), Harapan Bangsa School, and Cita Persada School. You can also easily access our area because there are now various types of transportation modes available with infrastructures in the form of a wide road and the main transportation routes connecting South Tangerang and Depok. Fortunia Residences is also one of the flood-free areas, so that your family’s safety is always maintained. Every house is built with the best personal design, because we want every moment in the house to be the most precious moment in your life. Fortunia Residences is more than just a home, but a place of family warmth and affection.

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