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News 13/07/2020

Different Apartment Types, and Which Suits You?

Apartments as modern residences offer several types that can be tailored to your needs. Therefore, before you buy an apartment, you should first know each type an apartment offers, then adjust it to your wants and needs. Here we summarize for you some of the most popular types of apartments according to the tastes of today’s society:

  1. Studio

Studio apartments are the most popular apartment type among young people. Consisting of a spacious room with no insulation that has a bed, pantry, and bathroom, the studio apartment is suitable for you who need a place to live alone because you want to concentrate on working, close to anywhere, and have a cheap price. If you are a student who is looking for a place to live close to campus, or a professional who is looking for a place to live close to where you work, a studio type apartment is the right choice for you.

  1. One Bedroom

One bedroom apartment consists of several separate rooms, namely a bedroom, living room area, pantry and bathroom. Some apartments provide facilities such as a balcony to complement. This type is suitable for young couples, as well as for those of you who need their own place to live but with a wider size. This type has many advantages for you: easy to clean and economical because it does not require a lot of maintenance costs, the right size, and the price is very affordable.

  1. Two Bedroom

The type of apartment with two rooms is the type most targeted by families. Consisting of two bedrooms, a living room and pantry area, a bathroom, and a balcony, this apartment is spacious and is suitable for you who want to stay with your partner and children. The two bedroom type provides a comfortable atmosphere like a tread house, but with the addition of modern facilities provided by your apartment.

Whatever your needs and desires, make sure that you always choose an apartment that not only provides good architecture but also facilities and an atmosphere that makes life more comfortable. The Parc is a South Jakarta apartment that is able to give you all the conveniences and comforts of modern life. With three types of apartments: studio, one bedroom and two bedroom, all your residential needs can be fulfilled here. Each apartment is designed in natural and neutral tones that create a warm and calm atmosphere, and is furnished with the best materials: durable and elegant wooden doors, as well as classy and luxurious floor tiles.

For one and two bedrooms, there is also a beautiful balcony as a personal place for those of you who want to enjoy the beautiful scenery at night and breathe the fresh air in the morning. The Parc also provides various promotions and installments for you, because we want everyone to have the opportunity to have a residence that can improve the quality of life. Therefore, visit our website or contact our team today to find out the best offers and take a virtual room tour so you can learn more about your dream home.

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