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News 16/06/2020

Building a startup? Here are some tips for you

Creating a successful and thriving startup business project is the dream for most of today’s youth. However, to be successful, you have to start first – and getting started is the most crucial and hardest part of creating a business. Therefore, consider the following tips that can be useful for those of you who are building a startup business:

  1. Choose your team accordingly

No need to insist on having to work with highly experienced professionals, you just have to build a team consisting of committed and high-willed individuals. It can be started from the people around you — for example friends or relatives — who are roughly in accordance with the same field of business you are creating. The right team will determine the direction of your business in the future, so choose your team members wisely.

  1. Look for trusted and profitable investors

Investors play an important role in the development of a startup business. Make sure you work with the best people who can be relied on and trusted in building your business. Always prioritize investors who have a vision and mission that is in line with your business.

  1. Be confident and don’t give up easily

In building a business, you don’t have a definite chance of success: you must always be prepared for any unexpected events to your business. Don’t give up easily and continue to be confident that your business is able to grow and rise in the midst of many challenges.

SouthCity really understands the lifestyle of a modern, productive and active cosmopolitan society, especially for millennials who are filled with ambition and creativity to achieve success. Therefore, we have built a coworking space that is comfortable, spacious, and equipped with the best facilities such as a fast internet network and a calm atmosphere for you, inside The Parc apartment. Now, you can create, work, and hold professional meetings with ease. Who knows, our coworking space could be the starting place for your great success in the future. Keep working until you achieve your dreams!

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