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News 14/11/2022

SouthCity Held Blood Donation Event, Enthusiasm Exceeds Expectations

In this event, at least more than 50 registrants who want to donate blood. This number exceeds the amount at the time of the initial data collection of prospective donors. After going through the initial stage, namely a medical examination by a doctor on duty, with great coercion there were several applicants who were disappointed. Some applicants failed and could not continue to donate blood because they did not meet the medical criteria and requirements such as low haemoglobin (Hb) levels, high blood pressure, taking antibiotics within one week before blood donation, and having just had a vaccine.

The basic requirement to participate in blood donation activities is that the donor is aged 17 to 70 years. The minimum body weight is 45 kg with a systolic blood pressure below 180 and a diastolic blood pressure below 100, for people with high blood pressure. As for people with low blood pressure, the systolic/diastolic blood pressure which is considered safe is 90/50. The donor must also have a haemoglobin level of around 12.5-17 g/dL, and no more than 20 g/dL. 

 In addition to the things above have been met, another requirement is to have a fit body. This is important considering that donor blood will enter a person's body.

The participants who took part in this activity were employees and directors of SouthCity as well as residents of South Tangerang who came from Pondok Cabe, Cinere and its surroundings. Some participants are used to donating blood and even registered as permanent donors.

“I am very happy to be able to participate in this (blood donation) activity,” said Danang, a donor who is an employee of SouthCity. According to him, this event not only makes it easier for him to donate blood regularly but also helps others in need.

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