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News 18/06/2020

Tips for Choosing the Best Shophouse for Business

Shophouse is one of the best places to run a business. Many successful business people start their business from a shop. For those of you who are interested in opening a new business, you can consider a shop as an option. So, before choosing a shop, there are a few things you should know first. Check out some of our tips so you can choose the best shop that can determine the success of your business later:

  1. Choose a shophouse with a strategic location

Of course, it is no secret that location determines at least 70% of a business success. In order to become a thriving business, you must ensure that the shophouse of your choice has a strategic location. The shophouse for your business should be easily accessible to many people, located in a lively area that can attract a lot of visitors, and close to a main route that has the potential to be used by many people. A strategic location can determine whether your business is known or not, which in turn will affect the value of your business.

  1. Check shophouse facilities

The strategic location alone is not a sufficient consideration in buying a shop. You also have to pay attention to what facilities are contained in the shop to be purchased. Good facilities are needed to be able to increase your business reputation in the eyes of customers. Facilities such as clean and wide bathrooms, large parking lots, and attractive shophouse designs can attract and win customers’ hearts.

  1. Ensure security is guaranteed

One of the most important consideration to a business is security. Unwanted events such as theft and property destruction can destroy a business overnight. Before buying a shophouse for a place of business, make sure the shophouse has a good and reliable security guarantee. This can undo any future losses.

If you are still confused about finding a shop that is in the right location, safe, and equipped with the best facilities, you may consider choosing SouthCity Square shop. Located at the entrance to Pondok Cabe in the SouthCity area, SouthCity Square is traversed by many people, has the potential to bring you large numbers of customers. In addition, the SouthCity area itself is located on the border of three large urban areas, namely South Jakarta, South Tangerang, and Depok. Seeing the crowd of the three locations in question, your business is guaranteed to always have customers.

In addition, the SouthCity Square shophouse is also equipped with classy facilities, a size that is wider than competing shophouses and is marketed at the same price, as well as a large basement parking lot which is rarely offered by other shophouses. The security of the SouthCity Square shophouse is also very well maintained because the area is equipped with a friendly and well-guarded security team. The success of your business really depends on your choice today. Now don’t make the wrong choice.

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