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News 22/06/2020

Hassle-free and Practical Apartment Moving Tips

Today, many people choose an apartment as their first residential choice after leaving the family home and trying to live independently. Maybe you are one of the people who recently bought their first apartment. However, after successfully selecting and buying your ideal apartment, it turns out that there is still one more challenge to face, moving! Don’t worry, we’ve got three tips for making the move practical and easy for you:

  1. Create a category of items to be moved

Before moving, it’s a good idea to separate your items into categories that are placed in specific containers. You can use cardboard as a container to carry things. Don’t forget to label the cardboard with the name of the room, for example cardboard containing cooking utensils you can label the word ‘kitchen’ and so on. By labeling the room names, you can more easily position your items when moving.

  1. Move important item categories first

On moving day, move the essentials first such as cleaning supplies and essential furniture such as beds and closets. During this process, don’t forget to throw away any old items you no longer need so you don’t have to take them to a new apartment. This is important to do so that later your apartment does not become overcrowded and full of items..

  1. Don’t hesitate to get help

Moving alone is possible, but moving together can make it easier and more enjoyable. You can ask friends and relatives to help move light items into your new apartment. Meanwhile, for large and heavy items, you can call a professional moving service to carry them. You can also host a welcome party to your new apartment with friends after the move.

Those are three easy tips you can do when moving into your new apartment. However, before deciding to buy and move into an apartment, make sure you have chosen the right apartment as a place to live in the long term. The Parc is the ideal apartment for those of you who are interested in residential South Jakarta apartments. Built with a modern urban design, The Parc has the main goal of becoming a residence that can increase the quality of life for every occupant. With a strategic location, The Parc is located in the superblock area of ​​57 hectares SouthCity which borders South Jakarta, South Tangerang and Depok. Living at The Parc can be the answer for those of you who have dreams of living in a modern, comfortable in an easy way.

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