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News 14/04/2023

Sunshine Café & Resto, Restaurant With A Tropical Concept

If you are missing cafes like those on tropical islands in the style of Bali or Lombok, you must sit in the outdoor area of Sunshine Garden Cafe & Resto to feel that atmosphere. Visitors will feel the atmosphere of a tropical cafe here with an interior layout that has a tropical cafe concept on white sand, rattan chairs & colorful bean bags, as well as straw material accents in several spots in the outdoor area of this cafe. Of course, this area is indeed a favorite of cafe visitors who can not only hang out, but can also take pictures in many angles from many sides.

Whereas in the indoor area, this area is suitable for you to choose if you come with colleagues/co-workers or with family who want a more comfortable and quiet atmosphere by sitting at a table (not cross-legged). This area is also suitable for those of you who come with laptops/gadgets to work or do assignments. The facilities provided for productivity at the cafe are also quite complete, starting from free wifi access, air-conditioned rooms, power sockets, and others.

At night, this cafe also provides live entertainment in the form of live music that will entertain cafe visitors at night. So if you really like hanging out while enjoying live music, the recommended time to visit is in the late afternoon or around 18.00 WIB because the live music schedule here generally starts at 19.30 to 22.30 WIB. If you are interested in visiting to hang out or enjoy the new atmosphere at Sunshine Garden Café & Resto, you can just come to SouthCity Hive Unit 7-9.

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